Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Transaction frugale - A fruit transaction, Louxor

Tribute to Arnaud (Random Shots)


  1. Like peering through a magic looking glass, genre Alice au Pays de Merveilles, these glimpses of life signed "Loulou" just lead you in and leave you wondering what these people were talking about, and how much the fruit cost, and how did the photographer get this angle looking down from above on them, and what's in the baskets, and on and on... how does she do it, that Loulou ??? Works every time...

  2. I agree with Owen, he was obviously riding on the same magic carpet that I just rode on! I may be sitting in a sunlit room on the coast of Oregon, but this morning I am transported to a place I have only imagined. These photos take my senses on a journey which allows me to imagine the sounds, scents and joy of travel. Today I am in Egypt. Thank you for these wonderful photos, and thanks for stopping by "Slug's Rest." Your presence enhances my experience here on earth. Love, Mrs. Slug

  3. J'aime bien dans cette photo les différents lieux de commerce... Du plus petit au plus grand pour ainsi dire !... Et j'imagine aussi la conversation...!