Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Envie d'une balade en Calèche ? Feel like a Barouche ride in the city?

Calèche à Louxor ou... autorickshaw à New Delhi, c'est au choix !
Barouche in Louxor or... autorickshaw in New Delhi... make up your mind!


  1. Hi Loulou ! Unbelievable scene there, hard to imagine... and black too ??? You'd think with the sun and heat they must have there most of the year that white might be cooler, to reflect the sun ??? Did you go for a ride in one ??? I wonder how far back that tradition goes ?

  2. Hi Owen, good to see you here as well. You are everywhere :-) Omniscient in one word.
    Good question that the one related to black. The policemen do apply such rule; indeed they wear white uniform in summertime as opposed to winter...
    Back to this so nice transportation... I guess tradition comes from British colonial period, but I'd rather check the piece of info...
    And YES I did go for a ride in one and that's wonderful memories...
    Take care